Setagaya-Futaco International Gathering


Native English speaking foreign residents in Tokyo and its environs are

Welcomed to join :

The International Family Gathering in Setagaya Futako-Tamagawa area.(Language and Cultural Exchange including Japanese cooking experience are to be combined for fun if desired)

This program is hosted and chaired by several Japanese senior volunteers of international business industries, already retired, resident in Setagaya Tokyo and Kanagawa Denentoshi-line area, intended for creation of more Global Minded Japanese young generation and families.

Purpose and background:

The writer and associates got a great obligation to American teachers of a dozen who came up to our Mitaka YMCA ESS gathering every Tuesday as goodwill for years while we were student, who used to be stationed inside Tachikawa airforce base.

It gave us a great opportunity for practicing English conversation and creation of valuable friendship.

Friends, thanks for such wonderful experience!

We could get into a world of international contractual business for many decades and feel happy that such old international friendship still remains in action.

Our genuine intention is to Repay Obligation to Foreign Resident make their stay in Japan happier and easer, and also let Japanese kids, students and young generation as well as their families get more Global Minded while practicing English conversation and exchanging foreign cultures.

Appreciate your help, our Compensatiom Program:

Participation of native English speaking families are greatly appreciated to join to enjoy FREE chatting, conversation with eat & drink, lesson of Japanese conversation would be provided as well.

– To make your stay in Japan fertile and enjoyable the following FREE Japanese Cultural Tours are to be planed and organized such as;

– Tour into the kitchen of various Japanese Cuisine to learn its cookery and preparation. Actual cooking training by professional chef is to be offered.

– The tour includes;
Fishery market, Mass lunch box production line for Seven-Eleven, etc.,

– ditto – of school meal institution, Institutional production line of Japanese pastry cake,

– Tour to small & light industrial factories of Japanese historical craftsmanship products such as, Tofu, Yakitori, Ocha, Bangasa umbrella, Sashimono, edo-Kiriko, etc.